Gay Script Under the Lisbon Sky

Under the Lisbon Sky
A  romantic gay dramedyMark,Alex2
Logline: A young american  football player who has been diagnosed ALS escape to Lisbon with the intention of committing suicide. Friendship of a “tender” waitress who hides a shameful past and the love of attractive Portuguese offers escort services for men help him face his illness and both will end married.



You were in my Heart

En mi corazobn coverScript& Book by Raymond J.Loan
Genre: Romantic Drama.
Before her imminent death, a woman asks her daughter looking for the first and only man of which always she has been loved, and both made a journey to where they spent their last summer where she dies leaving him, a letter revealing, an unexpected and astonishing secret,about her daugther , that will give them once again.,a new chance to get back together.Script available.

Tronics, animation story by JR.Fuentes

Animation Story
A fable of the near future
By JR. Fuentes
When they rebelled, the world changed forever

The Story

“ GLOBY”  a Car GPS Navigator of the “Pony Express” company’s  is abandoned by the driver of the delivery vehicle that has been designed, discovering a world that until then knew only through the leading programmed maps. Not knowing what to do and where to go, find help and company in “NANO”, a mobile phone misled by his owner when this was about to reciclarle for a new phone last generation., which invites him to discover the world. By the way known to “TABATA a” super-intelligent electronic tablet that is being sought by an agency even more secret government, which complicate their plans as they had never imagined.

© by JR.Fuentes
JRF Entertainment.
Story and Characters.
No unauthorized used or  sharing of  this  material.
Availanle Treatment.

The Horror Comedy Show

Short scripts for Horror Movies Animation or Live Action


 Horror films are a grateful genre.  May be show several times on TV and never seem to age. Fill gaps in the schedule and the watchers in the great majority, are always willing to sit at the small screen, to enjoy a good scare.

Firts Loglines

A bank robber, troubled, steals a car to escape the police. Soon discover that the car uses a special fuel:  blood.
7 pages.

A seemingly abandoned suitcase in the central hall of a train station, and what’s inside it has a “mortal” and powerful attraction over all those who come …to feed her
6 Pages.

After a terrible car accident, Jhon Kendall wakes up in an inhospitable and unknown, where will discover that is ten years dead … and that is very far from Earth.
7  pages.

Martin accepts an employed like  mess attendant, in a small restaurant,  called “ Le Tournedó “ where go strangers diners without suspecting, that he… forms part of the menu

(Special tribute to the actor and his character Marty Felmand in The Young  Frankenstein)
12 Pages

(C) All rigths reserved.

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Olympus: The Heroes of Zeus

OLYMPUS; The Heroes of Zeus


When Zeus refuses to put free the Titans who have rebelled against him and his brothers to take possession of Olympus, Gaia, Mother Earth, (grandmother of Zeus) engenders a terrible monster called Typhon, to get rid of all the gods of Olympus. for their children and regain the Throne of the Universe, snatched by Zeus to avenge his father Cronos.
The gods, seeing Typhoon “with wings that covered the sky, snakes coiled in the legs and a hundred dragon heads by spewing fire” metamorphosed into animals flee in terror leaving only Zeus and his daughter Athena.
Unable to defeat him, Zeus imprisoned Typhon ago, and after cutting nerves and muscles in the feet and hands, he locks himself in a caveunder the custody of a female dragon named Delfine for anyone to attempt to free him.
However, Hermes, son of Zeus not want to leave her father and accompanied by his son Pan, trying to rescue him, without success. Advised by Zeus, Hermes goes to Chiron the Centaur Master for this will help you gather a group of brave mortals who are willing to release and recover Zeus’s Throne Universe.
Chiron, but does not get along with Zeus for family reasons, agrees to help, and go in search of the only mortals who can do the job: Heracles, Achilles, Odysseus, Theseus and Jason.
But these future heroes of legend have their own problems, and they are very willing to lend a hand to the Father of all Gods. Only Atalanta, a mythical huntress Artemis protected, offers to help them.
A fun, adventure and shameless, bringing together-not mistaken, for the first time, to gods, heroes, and mythological creatures from Ancient Greece.
Story for Animated/ live action  film adaptation of the e-book Olympus, The Heroes of Zeus by Raymond J Loan .( Spanish Language) available in Amazon and others spanish language ebook stores.èroes-Zeus-ebook/dp/B00BVZLX0E/ref

Treatment available.
(C) 2013, Raymond J Loan.

Olympo: Los Hèroes de Zeus

COVER ok3OLYMPO : Los Héroes de Zeus.
Tratamiento para Cine y/o Televisiòn  original
de Raymond J Loan, basado en su propio libro.


 Cuando Zeus se niega a  liberar  a  los Titanes  que se han rebelado contra él y sus hermanos para apoderarse del Olimpo, Gea, La Madre de la Tierra, ( abuela de Zeus) engendra  un terrible  monstruo llamado Tifón, para deshacerse de todos los dioses del Olimpo . y recuperar para sus hijos el Trono del Universo, arrebatado por  Zeus para vengarse de su padre Cronos.
Los dioses, al ver a Tifòn “con alas que cubrían el cielo, serpientes enroscadas en las piernas  y   cien cabezas de dragón por las que vomitaba fuego”,  huyen despavoridos metamorfoseados  en animales dejando solos a Zeus y a su hija Atenea.
Incapaces de vencerle, Tifón hace prisionero a Zeus, y tras cortarle  nervios y  músculos de los pies y de las manos, le encierra en una cueva, bajo la custodia de una mujer dragón, llamada  Delfine para que nadie intente liberarle.Sin embargo, Hermes, hijo de Zeus, no quiere abandonar a su padre y  acompañado por su hijo Pan , intentan rescatarle; sin éxito. Aconsejado por Zeus, Hermes acude a  Quirón, el  Maestro Centauro para que este le ayude a reunir un grupo de valientes mortales que estén dispuestos a liberar a Zeus y recuperar  el Trono del Universo.
Quirón, aunque no  se lleva bien con Zeus por cuestiones familiares, accede a ayudarle, y parten en busca de los únicos mortales que pueden hacer ese trabajo:  Heracles, Aquiles, Ulises, Teseo y Jasón.
Pero estos  futuros héroes de leyenda tienen sus propios problemas, y no están muy dispuestos a echarle una mano al Padre de todos los Dioses. Solo Atalanta, una mitica cazadora protegida de Artemisa, se ofrece para ayudarles.Una divertida y desvergonzada aventura,  que reúne –salvo error,-por primera vez , a Dioses, Heròes, y  Criaturas  Mitológicas de la Antigua Grecia.
(c) Raymond J Loan, 2013.

Animation Script Goldie, the Big Adventure.

GoldieGoldie, the  Big Adventure.

A beautiful story about the power of maternal bonding

By JR.Fuentes


The Earth has become a sad, and uninhabited place without trees, rivers and nature.

Cities have been abandoned, and animals that have survived, to what seems a great catastrophe have taken refuge within artificial  parks where are care and protected by an intelligent system named AIDA, which men have been created before to leave the planet.

In one of these parks, the number 9, Goldie a small fallow deer who has lost his mother decides to escape  to find her with life and meet with her.

With the help of Dorothy, a camel who  saved her  when  was a baby born, and a crow called Arquimedes that holds the secret to save the Earth, escape from the Park.

But in the exterior…the  sky is contaminated, there are dangerous creatures, and Goldie, is captured by which called  The Black Knight: the Lord that dominates the earth and that  can only defeat “ The  Sword of fire”

Script.80 pages, and Bible characters


Only a Flag .Story and Script Treatment

” Only a Flag”
A story and script treatment
by Raymond J.Loan

In the last days of the American Civil War a confederate soldiers patrol discovered  what seems  a North Army deposit of new and unknown weapons of high destructive power Don`t know yet, that are  alien nuclear weapons, stolen by  a group of aliens bandits who have escaped from a prison stellar,and that some officers of  Lee want to take them  to change the course of the war

Only a Flag..Synopsis

Three Comrades. ( Ballad of the Three Bulls )

They just wanted to be free.Three Comrades.( Ballad of the Treee Bulls)
By JR.Fuentes
A story about the freedom to choose.
Two young  bulls and a calf, escape  from the farm where they live to choose their  fate .One does not want to die in the arena. Another to overcome his fear. And the smallest one of the three, to seek fame and glory. But the fate. has already chosen for them, and will have to face him in the  bullring.

You can read here a preview of the animation short script.  Comments will be very welcome. Thanks !