Olympo: Los Hèroes de Zeus

COVER ok3OLYMPO : Los Héroes de Zeus.
Tratamiento para Cine y/o Televisiòn  original
de Raymond J Loan, basado en su propio libro.


 Cuando Zeus se niega a  liberar  a  los Titanes  que se han rebelado contra él y sus hermanos para apoderarse del Olimpo, Gea, La Madre de la Tierra, ( abuela de Zeus) engendra  un terrible  monstruo llamado Tifón, para deshacerse de todos los dioses del Olimpo . y recuperar para sus hijos el Trono del Universo, arrebatado por  Zeus para vengarse de su padre Cronos.
Los dioses, al ver a Tifòn “con alas que cubrían el cielo, serpientes enroscadas en las piernas  y   cien cabezas de dragón por las que vomitaba fuego”,  huyen despavoridos metamorfoseados  en animales dejando solos a Zeus y a su hija Atenea.
Incapaces de vencerle, Tifón hace prisionero a Zeus, y tras cortarle  nervios y  músculos de los pies y de las manos, le encierra en una cueva, bajo la custodia de una mujer dragón, llamada  Delfine para que nadie intente liberarle.Sin embargo, Hermes, hijo de Zeus, no quiere abandonar a su padre y  acompañado por su hijo Pan , intentan rescatarle; sin éxito. Aconsejado por Zeus, Hermes acude a  Quirón, el  Maestro Centauro para que este le ayude a reunir un grupo de valientes mortales que estén dispuestos a liberar a Zeus y recuperar  el Trono del Universo.
Quirón, aunque no  se lleva bien con Zeus por cuestiones familiares, accede a ayudarle, y parten en busca de los únicos mortales que pueden hacer ese trabajo:  Heracles, Aquiles, Ulises, Teseo y Jasón.
Pero estos  futuros héroes de leyenda tienen sus propios problemas, y no están muy dispuestos a echarle una mano al Padre de todos los Dioses. Solo Atalanta, una mitica cazadora protegida de Artemisa, se ofrece para ayudarles.Una divertida y desvergonzada aventura,  que reúne –salvo error,-por primera vez , a Dioses, Heròes, y  Criaturas  Mitológicas de la Antigua Grecia.
(c) Raymond J Loan, 2013.


The Simulator reality show.

A docu reality created by JR. Fuentes

” The Simulator ”
A group of people are subjected to experience accidents, terrorist attacks, natural disasters or extreme situations of danger, simulated under control with the purpose of face them the greatest challenge of survival: save their own life, or risk to save others stop strangers from a tragic fate.

and idea for TV format of .JR.Fuentes
(c) JRF Entertainment.
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A docu reality created by JR. Fuentes

Animation Script Goldie, the Big Adventure.

GoldieGoldie, the  Big Adventure.

A beautiful story about the power of maternal bonding

By JR.Fuentes


The Earth has become a sad, and uninhabited place without trees, rivers and nature.

Cities have been abandoned, and animals that have survived, to what seems a great catastrophe have taken refuge within artificial  parks where are care and protected by an intelligent system named AIDA, which men have been created before to leave the planet.

In one of these parks, the number 9, Goldie a small fallow deer who has lost his mother decides to escape  to find her with life and meet with her.

With the help of Dorothy, a camel who  saved her  when  was a baby born, and a crow called Arquimedes that holds the secret to save the Earth, escape from the Park.

But in the exterior…the  sky is contaminated, there are dangerous creatures, and Goldie, is captured by which called  The Black Knight: the Lord that dominates the earth and that  can only defeat “ The  Sword of fire”

Script.80 pages, and Bible characters


Only a Flag .Story and Script Treatment

” Only a Flag”
A story and script treatment
by Raymond J.Loan

In the last days of the American Civil War a confederate soldiers patrol discovered  what seems  a North Army deposit of new and unknown weapons of high destructive power Don`t know yet, that are  alien nuclear weapons, stolen by  a group of aliens bandits who have escaped from a prison stellar,and that some officers of  Lee want to take them  to change the course of the war

Only a Flag..Synopsis

The Birth . Script Preview

Madonna con el Niño

Here you have the firts  ten pages  of  my animation script

The Birth ( The Other Story of Christmas )


A Wise Men named Artaban The Mede, leave his home in the Mountains of the Ancient Persia to follows in the company of three fellow magicians, a star that announces the birth of a Children that will be change the world.  But King Herod who is not willing to consent the birth of this child, for fear of losing his throne, orders to  follow  them to kill him and makes Artaban prisoner to save the life of a child during the massacre of the innocents

Seven years later, the son of Herod ,Antipas, learned from his spies that the child still lives ordered the arrest of all children aged five to seven years to find out which one is speaking of Prophecy both worried her father.

Among them is Jesus, and some of those  who years  later will be his apostles who agree not to disclose which of them is looking for.

But Judas, who as a child has a reputation as  squealer tell Antipas  who is Jesus for gifts an a few coins of silver.

Afraid of what  can do Antipas  to Jesus, they decided to escape aided by  Artaban the Mede, that is prisioned in the palace of Herod Antipas, an for the others three wise men who have returned to look for him.

The Birth .First 10 pages

THE BIRTH Characters

Three Comrades . Script preview

Here you have the firts act of  my animation script “Three Comrades “or Ballad of the Thee Bulls.I hope you enjoy it
Leave me a comment I would appreciate.

Three Comrades. 1rs.Act

Aqui, teneis tambien  las 10 primeras paginas en español ( Spanish ) de mi guion ” Tres Camaradas” ( Romance de los Tres Toros ),Espero que os guste y agradeceria vuestros comentarios

Ilustration by
Tatyana Okhitina

The Birth. Book and Animation Script

Madonna con el Niño“The Birth”

The other story of Christmas.

By Raymond J Loan.

Inspired by the Gospel texts, and history of the Fourth Wise Man by Henry Van Dyke.


When Herod the Great reigned in Jerusalem, a wise man named Artaban the Median, who lived in the ancient mountains of Persia, discovered one night in heaven, a new star, which, according to an ancient prophecy, announces the birth of a child to change the fate of men.
Determined to meet that child leaves home selling all their belongings and began the journey to meet and adore him   with Three  Magi Companions.

 But Herod, who also knows the prophecy, not willing to consent to the birth of that child, for fear of losing his throne and orders to follows them  to kill him.

Seven years later, Antipas, Herod’s son learned from his spies that the child is still alive, ordered jailed several children among whom he believes Jesus is one of whom  speaks the Prophecy, and some of those years will be his apostles, who agree not to reveal which one is the one that Antipas looking.

But Judas, who as a child has a reputation as squealer tell Antipas who is Jesus for gifts an a few coins of silver.

Afraid of what you can do Antipas future Saviour of Men, The Archangel Gabriel, which is still on earth by divine mandate and has taken the personality of a sergeant in the service of Antipas, sets out a plan to free them,help by the Three Wise Man who have returned to find their friend the Medo , which is prisoner from Herod the Great, locked him in his dungeon to save the life of a child during the slaughter of the innocents.

Book spanish language at Amazon

Animated movie script in Spanish and English

The Birth Script. Firts ten pages

(C) JR.Fuentes (Raymond J. Loan)

Three Comrades. ( Ballad of the Three Bulls )

They just wanted to be free.Three Comrades.( Ballad of the Treee Bulls)
By JR.Fuentes
A story about the freedom to choose.
Two young  bulls and a calf, escape  from the farm where they live to choose their  fate .One does not want to die in the arena. Another to overcome his fear. And the smallest one of the three, to seek fame and glory. But the fate. has already chosen for them, and will have to face him in the  bullring.

You can read here a preview of the animation short script.  Comments will be very welcome. Thanks !