Guion Gay ” Bajo el Cielo de Lisboa”

Mark,Alex2Guiòn Bajo el Cielo de Lisboa.
Comedia Dramatica y Gay
Un joven jugador de futbol americano al que le han diagnosticado ELA huye a Lisboa con la intencion de suicidarse  La amistad de una “tiernna” camarera que esconde un pasado inconfesable y  el amor de atractivo portugues que ofrece servicios de compañía para hombres le ayudaran a enfrentarse a su enfermedad y los dos terminaran casandose. LEE LAS PRIMERAS PAGINAS DEL GUIÒN EN ESTE ENLACE.




The Birth . Script Preview

Madonna con el Niño

Here you have the firts  ten pages  of  my animation script

The Birth ( The Other Story of Christmas )


A Wise Men named Artaban The Mede, leave his home in the Mountains of the Ancient Persia to follows in the company of three fellow magicians, a star that announces the birth of a Children that will be change the world.  But King Herod who is not willing to consent the birth of this child, for fear of losing his throne, orders to  follow  them to kill him and makes Artaban prisoner to save the life of a child during the massacre of the innocents

Seven years later, the son of Herod ,Antipas, learned from his spies that the child still lives ordered the arrest of all children aged five to seven years to find out which one is speaking of Prophecy both worried her father.

Among them is Jesus, and some of those  who years  later will be his apostles who agree not to disclose which of them is looking for.

But Judas, who as a child has a reputation as  squealer tell Antipas  who is Jesus for gifts an a few coins of silver.

Afraid of what  can do Antipas  to Jesus, they decided to escape aided by  Artaban the Mede, that is prisioned in the palace of Herod Antipas, an for the others three wise men who have returned to look for him.

The Birth .First 10 pages

THE BIRTH Characters

Three Comrades . Script preview

Here you have the firts act of  my animation script “Three Comrades “or Ballad of the Thee Bulls.I hope you enjoy it
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Three Comrades. 1rs.Act

Aqui, teneis tambien  las 10 primeras paginas en español ( Spanish ) de mi guion ” Tres Camaradas” ( Romance de los Tres Toros ),Espero que os guste y agradeceria vuestros comentarios

Ilustration by
Tatyana Okhitina