Guion Gay ” Bajo el Cielo de Lisboa”

Mark,Alex2Guiòn Bajo el Cielo de Lisboa.
Comedia Dramatica y Gay
Un joven jugador de futbol americano al que le han diagnosticado ELA huye a Lisboa con la intencion de suicidarse  La amistad de una “tiernna” camarera que esconde un pasado inconfesable y  el amor de atractivo portugues que ofrece servicios de compañía para hombres le ayudaran a enfrentarse a su enfermedad y los dos terminaran casandose. LEE LAS PRIMERAS PAGINAS DEL GUIÒN EN ESTE ENLACE.




Quixote : The Legend of Good Knigth

quijoteperfilQuixote :Legend of  Good Knight:
By JR.Fuentes.

A summarized, faithful and new ( if may be possible )adaptation to the spirit of the Immortal Work of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra Don Quixote of La Mancha for Animation Tv serie  or  feature film.

(c) of this adaptation. JR.Fuentes

Alonso Quixana, a noble spanish gentleman, who lives in the lands of Castile, loses his mind from so much reading books of chivalry, and calling himself Don Quixote, leave his lands and  properties to become a knight errant and go in search of adventures. . But only finds problems  teasing and troubles that Don Quixote  with tenacity unbreakable will accept as proofs of value necessary to achieve name and fame.

For those who have never read   DonQuixote of la Mancha, here you have a  brief summary of this immortal book.

“Alonso Quixana, a noble Spanish gentleman, who lives in the land of Castile, with his niece, a servant and housekeeper, becomes insane from reading books of chivalry, and decides to become a knight errant to go around the world search of adventure. So take some old guns that had belonged to his great-grandparents, saddled his horse (one scrawny nag such as your owner), and after putting the name of Rocinante calls himself Don Quixote of La Mancha, appropriate name for their new life of gentleman. But like every good knight needs a lady to love and serve and a faithful squire to accompany him on your adventures, gives his heart to a peasant girl who once was the love (although she had never heard of it) to the that henceforth call Dulcinea del Toboso, and after convincing a neighboring farmer named  Sancho Panza to be his squire, promising that the governor will do some island or who knows of a kingdom, leaving their land and their property to test their value as knight knights do: .Relief to those in need, repairing injustices and get name and fame.”

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Quixote. For times of crisis.
“Sancho, know that all these hardships that happen to us, are signs that suddenly has to calm the time, and they have good things happen for us.because it is not possible that the evil and the good will last forever, and from there it follows that the evil having lasted long, the good and is close friend Sancho. So you should not worry about the misfortunes”

Only a Flag. A western Sci-fi story

” Only a Flag”
A story and script treatment
by Raymond J.Loan

In the last days of the American Civil War a confederate soldiers patrol discovered  what seems  a North Army deposit of new and unknown weapons of high destructive power Don`t know yet, that are  alien nuclear weapons, stolen by  a group of aliens bandits who have escaped from a prison stellar,and that some officers of  Lee want to take them  to change the course of the war.
Script treatment available in english and spanish. If like read for evaluation pls. email to me

Here Only a Flag..Synopsis

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