Script The Stone of Time.

The Stone of Time.

for feature film or television mini-serie
Genre: Science Fantasy
Pages 160

In a distant world where humans now live, a rebel planet has taken over the power of an unknown stone that can control Time. The Atlanteans  of the water worlds fearing the worst, send their princess in search of the Plant from which life is born but the princess is captured and there is no hope. Now the destiny of the universe is in the hands of a young evolved gnome and the explorer robot that accompanies him.


Knowing that the descendants of the last humans who left the Earth towards the Outer Worlds have in their possession the legendary Stone that can control Time and that are preparing to invade the Seven Outer Planets and their Federated Kingdoms, the King of Atlantis that they live in Evenor, “The Planet of Water,” sending their daughter in search of a plant whose flowers can regenerate life to face that threat. But the Geosites as they are called those humans who have been informed of these plans by their allies and friends the Tritons who want to expel the Atlantis and the Nereids of Evenor; they send three indikos hunters who live in the confines of the Lost Universe to capture the atlantis before it finds that magic plant, and destroy where it is. However, neither the geosites nor their allies have the intervention of a young space trash pilot  collector son of an evolved gnome and a nymph accompanied by an explorer robot that has “defected” from a Starbase after encountering a new and unknown form of intelligent life that is humanizing him, which prevent the Atlantic from being captured … although not for long when the Geosites, against dock.


Little Donkey ( El Burrito) Guiòn Piloto Serie Animacion TV

El Burrito
El Burrito

(El Burrito)
¿Son tontos los burros?

Popularmente, el asno tiene fama de paciente, tozudo e incluso lerdo. Pero los zoólogos que los estudian opinan de forma bien distinta y aseguran que estos solípedos poseen una conducta compleja e incluso una gran inteligencia que nada tiene que envidiar a la de cerdos,ratas y perros.


 Tico, un borriquito travieso e inquieto que vive con su madre en un prado al que no le gusta que le llamen BURRO. por lo que hace todo lo posible y todo lo que se le ocurre, para demostrar a sus amigos, una mariquita, un cerdito, un pato y una gallina que un BURRO, puede hacer cualquier cosa que se proponga. Lo que le causara muchos disgustos a su madre y a ser el objeto de las burlas de sus amiguitos del prado Hasta que un dia, Tico, tan inquieto y tan curioso como siempre por todo lo que le rodea, le pregunta a su madre que adonde van todos los días los dos niños que viven en la casa que hay en el prado cargados con lo que su madre llama libros, y cuando su madre le respondeque los niños van a la ESCUELA, donde aprenden a leer y a escribir y a hacerse HOMBRES. Tico , le pregunta entonces,que si el también puede ir a la escuela,. Su madre le responde que la escuela, “ no es para burros”, a lo que Tico le replica, que “aquello no es justo”. Pero no se da por vencido .y se propone que el también irà a la Escuela, que aprenderá a leer y a escribir, para que ya nadie mas le diga  que es un BURRO.Una tarde, mientras Tico, juega con sus amigos,cerca de la carretera que rodea el prado; y por la que pasa un autobús que trae y que llevaviajeros, encuentran GRAN LIBRO DE VIAJES . Tico queda tan deslumbrado. por lo que hay en aquel libro que se prometea si mismo que tiene que conocer todas aquellas cosas, maravillosas que el nunca jamás había imaginado  cosa  hará El Burrito viajando en un AUTOBUS MAGICO.

GUION PILOTO Y BIBLIA DE PERSONAJES DISPONIBLE. Basado en el Cuento de Magarida Oliveira.

Margarita la amiguita de Tico

Primeras Paginas del 1rer Episodio

 Presentación Serie y Personajes

Tronics, animation story by JR.Fuentes

Animation Story
A fable of the near future
By JR. Fuentes
When they rebelled, the world changed forever

The Story

“ GLOBY”  a Car GPS Navigator of the “Pony Express” company’s  is abandoned by the driver of the delivery vehicle that has been designed, discovering a world that until then knew only through the leading programmed maps. Not knowing what to do and where to go, find help and company in “NANO”, a mobile phone misled by his owner when this was about to reciclarle for a new phone last generation., which invites him to discover the world. By the way known to “TABATA a” super-intelligent electronic tablet that is being sought by an agency even more secret government, which complicate their plans as they had never imagined.

© by JR.Fuentes
JRF Entertainment.
Story and Characters.
No unauthorized used or  sharing of  this  material.
Availanle Treatment.

Quixote : The Legend of Good Knigth

quijoteperfilQuixote :Legend of  Good Knight:
By JR.Fuentes.

A summarized, faithful and new ( if may be possible )adaptation to the spirit of the Immortal Work of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra Don Quixote of La Mancha for Animation Tv serie  or  feature film.

(c) of this adaptation. JR.Fuentes

Alonso Quixana, a noble spanish gentleman, who lives in the lands of Castile, loses his mind from so much reading books of chivalry, and calling himself Don Quixote, leave his lands and  properties to become a knight errant and go in search of adventures. . But only finds problems  teasing and troubles that Don Quixote  with tenacity unbreakable will accept as proofs of value necessary to achieve name and fame.

For those who have never read   DonQuixote of la Mancha, here you have a  brief summary of this immortal book.

“Alonso Quixana, a noble Spanish gentleman, who lives in the land of Castile, with his niece, a servant and housekeeper, becomes insane from reading books of chivalry, and decides to become a knight errant to go around the world search of adventure. So take some old guns that had belonged to his great-grandparents, saddled his horse (one scrawny nag such as your owner), and after putting the name of Rocinante calls himself Don Quixote of La Mancha, appropriate name for their new life of gentleman. But like every good knight needs a lady to love and serve and a faithful squire to accompany him on your adventures, gives his heart to a peasant girl who once was the love (although she had never heard of it) to the that henceforth call Dulcinea del Toboso, and after convincing a neighboring farmer named  Sancho Panza to be his squire, promising that the governor will do some island or who knows of a kingdom, leaving their land and their property to test their value as knight knights do: .Relief to those in need, repairing injustices and get name and fame.”

Available Treatment.



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Quixote. For times of crisis.
“Sancho, know that all these hardships that happen to us, are signs that suddenly has to calm the time, and they have good things happen for us.because it is not possible that the evil and the good will last forever, and from there it follows that the evil having lasted long, the good and is close friend Sancho. So you should not worry about the misfortunes”

The Horror Comedy Show

Short scripts for Horror Movies Animation or Live Action


 Horror films are a grateful genre.  May be show several times on TV and never seem to age. Fill gaps in the schedule and the watchers in the great majority, are always willing to sit at the small screen, to enjoy a good scare.

Firts Loglines

A bank robber, troubled, steals a car to escape the police. Soon discover that the car uses a special fuel:  blood.
7 pages.

A seemingly abandoned suitcase in the central hall of a train station, and what’s inside it has a “mortal” and powerful attraction over all those who come …to feed her
6 Pages.

After a terrible car accident, Jhon Kendall wakes up in an inhospitable and unknown, where will discover that is ten years dead … and that is very far from Earth.
7  pages.

Martin accepts an employed like  mess attendant, in a small restaurant,  called “ Le Tournedó “ where go strangers diners without suspecting, that he… forms part of the menu

(Special tribute to the actor and his character Marty Felmand in The Young  Frankenstein)
12 Pages

(C) All rigths reserved.

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Olympus: The Heroes of Zeus

OLYMPUS; The Heroes of Zeus


When Zeus refuses to put free the Titans who have rebelled against him and his brothers to take possession of Olympus, Gaia, Mother Earth, (grandmother of Zeus) engenders a terrible monster called Typhon, to get rid of all the gods of Olympus. for their children and regain the Throne of the Universe, snatched by Zeus to avenge his father Cronos.
The gods, seeing Typhoon “with wings that covered the sky, snakes coiled in the legs and a hundred dragon heads by spewing fire” metamorphosed into animals flee in terror leaving only Zeus and his daughter Athena.
Unable to defeat him, Zeus imprisoned Typhon ago, and after cutting nerves and muscles in the feet and hands, he locks himself in a caveunder the custody of a female dragon named Delfine for anyone to attempt to free him.
However, Hermes, son of Zeus not want to leave her father and accompanied by his son Pan, trying to rescue him, without success. Advised by Zeus, Hermes goes to Chiron the Centaur Master for this will help you gather a group of brave mortals who are willing to release and recover Zeus’s Throne Universe.
Chiron, but does not get along with Zeus for family reasons, agrees to help, and go in search of the only mortals who can do the job: Heracles, Achilles, Odysseus, Theseus and Jason.
But these future heroes of legend have their own problems, and they are very willing to lend a hand to the Father of all Gods. Only Atalanta, a mythical huntress Artemis protected, offers to help them.
A fun, adventure and shameless, bringing together-not mistaken, for the first time, to gods, heroes, and mythological creatures from Ancient Greece.
Story for Animated/ live action  film adaptation of the e-book Olympus, The Heroes of Zeus by Raymond J Loan .( Spanish Language) available in Amazon and others spanish language ebook stores.èroes-Zeus-ebook/dp/B00BVZLX0E/ref

Treatment available.
(C) 2013, Raymond J Loan.

Animation Script Goldie, the Big Adventure.

GoldieGoldie, the  Big Adventure.

A beautiful story about the power of maternal bonding

By JR.Fuentes


The Earth has become a sad, and uninhabited place without trees, rivers and nature.

Cities have been abandoned, and animals that have survived, to what seems a great catastrophe have taken refuge within artificial  parks where are care and protected by an intelligent system named AIDA, which men have been created before to leave the planet.

In one of these parks, the number 9, Goldie a small fallow deer who has lost his mother decides to escape  to find her with life and meet with her.

With the help of Dorothy, a camel who  saved her  when  was a baby born, and a crow called Arquimedes that holds the secret to save the Earth, escape from the Park.

But in the exterior…the  sky is contaminated, there are dangerous creatures, and Goldie, is captured by which called  The Black Knight: the Lord that dominates the earth and that  can only defeat “ The  Sword of fire”

Script.80 pages, and Bible characters


The Birth . Script Preview

Madonna con el Niño

Here you have the firts  ten pages  of  my animation script

The Birth ( The Other Story of Christmas )


A Wise Men named Artaban The Mede, leave his home in the Mountains of the Ancient Persia to follows in the company of three fellow magicians, a star that announces the birth of a Children that will be change the world.  But King Herod who is not willing to consent the birth of this child, for fear of losing his throne, orders to  follow  them to kill him and makes Artaban prisoner to save the life of a child during the massacre of the innocents

Seven years later, the son of Herod ,Antipas, learned from his spies that the child still lives ordered the arrest of all children aged five to seven years to find out which one is speaking of Prophecy both worried her father.

Among them is Jesus, and some of those  who years  later will be his apostles who agree not to disclose which of them is looking for.

But Judas, who as a child has a reputation as  squealer tell Antipas  who is Jesus for gifts an a few coins of silver.

Afraid of what  can do Antipas  to Jesus, they decided to escape aided by  Artaban the Mede, that is prisioned in the palace of Herod Antipas, an for the others three wise men who have returned to look for him.

The Birth .First 10 pages

THE BIRTH Characters

The Birth. Book and Animation Script

Madonna con el Niño“The Birth”

The other story of Christmas.

By Raymond J Loan.

Inspired by the Gospel texts, and history of the Fourth Wise Man by Henry Van Dyke.


When Herod the Great reigned in Jerusalem, a wise man named Artaban the Median, who lived in the ancient mountains of Persia, discovered one night in heaven, a new star, which, according to an ancient prophecy, announces the birth of a child to change the fate of men.
Determined to meet that child leaves home selling all their belongings and began the journey to meet and adore him   with Three  Magi Companions.

 But Herod, who also knows the prophecy, not willing to consent to the birth of that child, for fear of losing his throne and orders to follows them  to kill him.

Seven years later, Antipas, Herod’s son learned from his spies that the child is still alive, ordered jailed several children among whom he believes Jesus is one of whom  speaks the Prophecy, and some of those years will be his apostles, who agree not to reveal which one is the one that Antipas looking.

But Judas, who as a child has a reputation as squealer tell Antipas who is Jesus for gifts an a few coins of silver.

Afraid of what you can do Antipas future Saviour of Men, The Archangel Gabriel, which is still on earth by divine mandate and has taken the personality of a sergeant in the service of Antipas, sets out a plan to free them,help by the Three Wise Man who have returned to find their friend the Medo , which is prisoner from Herod the Great, locked him in his dungeon to save the life of a child during the slaughter of the innocents.

Book spanish language at Amazon

Animated movie script in Spanish and English

The Birth Script. Firts ten pages

(C) JR.Fuentes (Raymond J. Loan)

Three Comrades. ( Ballad of the Three Bulls )

They just wanted to be free.Three Comrades.( Ballad of the Treee Bulls)
By JR.Fuentes
A story about the freedom to choose.
Two young  bulls and a calf, escape  from the farm where they live to choose their  fate .One does not want to die in the arena. Another to overcome his fear. And the smallest one of the three, to seek fame and glory. But the fate. has already chosen for them, and will have to face him in the  bullring.

You can read here a preview of the animation short script.  Comments will be very welcome. Thanks !