Welcome to my blog !

Hello !
Welcome to my blog  with which I want to present the stories I imagine, with the desire to entertain, to dream, to find readers, to improve future stories, and also an editor or producer who wants to gamble on them (titanic task in these times. not easy, to publicize your site on the net I think it’s like a castaway who throws his message in a bottle, a sea where float million bottles in the hope that his, is one of the chosen who have reached the beach. Although the poor shipwrecked always tormented the same doubts: somebody cared my message? will come to save me? Or will I be doomed to remain forever in this island? Although I, if I found the bottle, and could respond to your message, I would say: Shipwreck: look into the depths of your soul and ask yourself: is it worth leaving the island where you live when the sea around you this inhabited by monsters?



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