The Birth. Book and Animation Script

Madonna con el Niño“The Birth”

The other story of Christmas.

By Raymond J Loan.

Inspired by the Gospel texts, and history of the Fourth Wise Man by Henry Van Dyke.


When Herod the Great reigned in Jerusalem, a wise man named Artaban the Median, who lived in the ancient mountains of Persia, discovered one night in heaven, a new star, which, according to an ancient prophecy, announces the birth of a child to change the fate of men.
Determined to meet that child leaves home selling all their belongings and began the journey to meet and adore him   with Three  Magi Companions.

 But Herod, who also knows the prophecy, not willing to consent to the birth of that child, for fear of losing his throne and orders to follows them  to kill him.

Seven years later, Antipas, Herod’s son learned from his spies that the child is still alive, ordered jailed several children among whom he believes Jesus is one of whom  speaks the Prophecy, and some of those years will be his apostles, who agree not to reveal which one is the one that Antipas looking.

But Judas, who as a child has a reputation as squealer tell Antipas who is Jesus for gifts an a few coins of silver.

Afraid of what you can do Antipas future Saviour of Men, The Archangel Gabriel, which is still on earth by divine mandate and has taken the personality of a sergeant in the service of Antipas, sets out a plan to free them,help by the Three Wise Man who have returned to find their friend the Medo , which is prisoner from Herod the Great, locked him in his dungeon to save the life of a child during the slaughter of the innocents.

Book spanish language at Amazon

Animated movie script in Spanish and English

The Birth Script. Firts ten pages

(C) JR.Fuentes (Raymond J. Loan)



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